Best Bicep Workouts for Mass

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Bicep Workouts are exercises focusing on the biceps muscles, which are located crossing the shoulder and elbow. Popular gym exercises always include bicep exercises. More robust, muscular, and powerful arms are achieved through different biceps exercises. The d part of the upper is where the biceps with two heads reside; a short and a long head combing make this muscle. A well-toned physique and fitness can only be achieved by including Biceps Workout in training. 

Benefits of Bicep Workout

Bicep Workouts are most important when selecting bodybuilding exercises; they also help to attain more muscular arms that can lift and pull heavier weights. While also popular due to the athletic body one can achieve, more muscular biceps are also responsible for allowing you to do many other exercises focused on different muscle groups. Improving forearm grip and strength, arm posture and stability are enhanced, providing smoother flexibility and movement, and lowering the risk of running into an injury. Muscle mass and muscle function health is improved. 

Best Bicep Workouts

  • Hammer Curls

Also referred to as ‘neutral grip biceps curl,’ this professional-level exercise targets the whole arm and is a much-favored option to be added in attaining upper body strength. A barbell or dumbbell is required for the training and is called dumbbell curls when done with dumbbells. Stand straight with dumbbells in both hands, pull the dumbbells towards the chest level while keeping the upper arm stretched, and hold and release to the original position. Beginners are advised to try it out with minimal weight under expert supervision and begin with 1-2 sets of 4-6 reps. The difficulty level of the exercise comes in various sub-kinds, some of which are ‘Incline Hammer Curls,’ ‘Alternating Hammer Curl,’ and ‘Hammer Curl Power Squat.’


  • Bicep Stretch

Targeting the biceps, chest, and shoulders, this beginner-level exercise can be conveniently done at home, with no equipment required; one may try it on the floor or a broad bench. It is also called a ‘chest opener’ if performed while standing. This is a tremendous activating exercise to get going for a Biceps Workout. Sit on a floor with your toes and palms touching the floor as your legs are bent, making an angle of 10-20 degrees between the thighs and calves; breathe in and move slowly, slipping forward using the butt support as you exhale while also stretching the arms back putting the body weight on upper arms, hold and slowly return to the original position. Sets and reps may vary from trainer to trainer, but 10 minutes is a good warm-up. 


  • Bicep Cable Curls 

An excellent option to move to after warming up from Bicep Stretch is the Bicep Cable Curls which primarily targets the biceps, another beginner-friendly exercise requiring a cable machine or can be done through an extension cable. Place the cable machine on the floor; as you stand in front of it, grab the cable handles in both hands and start pulling them toward the middle of the chest and chin area; a slight pause and back and forth are required to perform this exercise correctly. It can be done while seated; one-arm curls and wide other varieties are present for this exercise. Start with 1-2 sets of 8-10 reps. 


  • Reverse Bicep Curls

Similar to Hammer Curls but in a different motion, biceps and forearms come into play during this exercise, and it can be performed using dumbbells, barbells, or an EZ curl bar. To achieve this intermediate-level exercise, stand straight with the dumbbell in your hands, gripping the dumbbells inwards, pull the dumbbells upwards to the chest area while exhaling and hold until you feel the bicep contraption, and release back to the original position. For a beginner, it is advised first to do an activating exercise. 1-2 sets of 6-8 reps are a good start.


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