The Best Weighted Bench That Wins Customers

weighted bench

Weighted Benches are the basic workout equipment used as a station to perform various exercises. The bench provides the desired angle and inclinations and is suitable for sit and lay-down exercises, bench presses, weightlifting, and other core exercises. We have reviewed some recommended options for our readers looking to invest in one good-quality bench press […]

Best Vibration Plates for Weight Loss

reviews for vibration plates

A vibration plate is a fitness equipment that stimulates your body muscles at a much higher rate than average, sending vibrations across the body. There have been many debates regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of this exercise machine, also referred to as a power plate. Many fitness experts believe vibrations plates are a good option […]

Bowflex Dumbbells – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

bowflex dumbbells review

Bowflex Dumbbells are ergonomically designed and the number one go-to fitness trainer by many. The dumbbell assists in weightlifting exercises and the modern modification of the equipment has led to the brand becoming more popular among trainers for its efficiency, quality, and competitive prices. Founded in 1986, the tagline of Bowflex goes ‘Stronger every day,’ […]