4 Best Chest Workouts for Muscle Growth

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Chest Workouts are seldom incorporated into the training regimen, specifically for women, who often believe they only build the physique. But there is so much more in it for both men and women making it a must-add to fitness exercises. One of the largest muscles in the upper body, the Chest muscle, is an integral part of the essential functions you perform every day, ensuring they are done. They are the building block, allowing many movements you perform due to their connection to the arms. It may not be as appealing as the bicep/ tricep and abs exercises, but very effective; Chest Workouts don’t receive the due acknowledgment and appreciation. 

Why are Chest Workouts important?

Chest exercises mostly target the arms, shoulders, and overall upper back area, which has the highest capacity for bearing weight; targeting these areas may likely take your heartbeat up, breaking a sweat which is important to burn excess calories off the body. Assisting in maintaining muscular balance and muscle thickness, it improves the overall body posture. It enables efficiency in performing everyday tasks, which include the use of force and endurance of heavyweights. Furthermore, a toned body with strengthened and lengthened chest muscles!

The Best Chest Workouts

  • Push Ups

Not at all easy in the sense of performing, but it can be performed anywhere and does not involve any machine; Push Ups are the most popular form of exercise in all categories. Toes and hands on the ground, in plank position, a few inches above the ground, move your body towards the ground in a straight position with the aim to touch the chest on the ground; only proceed till the body allows. Many modifications have been done to the original exercise, and now trainers encourage Incline Push Ups, One Hand Push Ups, and Knee Push Ups, among others. Begin with 2-3 sets of 2-3 reps by adding difficulty on fixed intervals. 


  • Chest Dip

Advised to try in the presence of the gym trainer; the dip machine is required to perform this exercise. Your arms are spread out sideways by placing both hands on the parallel bars on either side. Firm your grip, lift yourself up, hold and release while leaning forward slightly. Also quite familiar to the triceps dip, it builds the muscle mass on the chest, enhancing the overall upper body strength while activating shoulders, arms, and abdominal. 2-3 sets of 5 reps each to begin with for novices aiming for 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps. 


  • Cable Fly

Has many variations; Cable Fly specifically targets the largest muscle of the chest area, the pectoralis. Cables on either side with handles, you stand in the middle of the cables with both hands gripping the cable handles. Start by bending one knee forward, stretching the back leg, and bringing both cable handles at the middle intersection point under the chest. Hold for a few seconds and slowly return to the previous position. A low-hanging cable is recommended for beginners. Keep on increasing the difficulty level and finish off with High Cable Fly. The everyday gym goer prefers 2 to 3 sets of 1-12 reps. You may start with as low as 1 set of 3-4 reps. Stronger chest muscles are incoming!


  • Upright Row

Primarily targeting the upper back, the side delts, traps, and the shoulders, Upright Row is a professional-level workout; a barbell with the weight is required. Hold the barbell in both hands while standing straight, stretch the upper back wider straight, bring the barbell up to the chest level, and hold and bring it down. Breathe while holding the barbell and exhale as you bring it to the chest chin in between areas. There are many sub-kinds of the Upright Row: the Dumbbells upright Row, Kettlebell Upright Row, and Upright Plank Row, among many others. Beginners searching for Chest Workouts should begin with other exercises mentioned above and proceed to the Upright Row. Sets and reps vary from trainer to trainer. 



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