Privacy Policy

Valid from: 01/01/2020

We at know the importance and the value of online privacy, especially for our users. Our policies are created with respect to people who visit our website. It incorporates everyone who registers, uses or does not use services that this website offers.

 The Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is used to locate people, whose information relates to their name, fax, phone numbers, email address, credit card information as well as financial details.

Collected personal identifiable information

Information for the basic profile is collected from everyone who visits the website. More information is collected from the approved customers, which include email address, phone numbers, type and size of their venture, and the extent of advertising they anticipate buying or sell.

Institutions that collect the information

 It is done directly alongside third parties such as credit firms, insurance companies as well as banks of the approved customers or visitors. In order to disclose information, we must get approval.

The use of personally identifiable information on this website

The information is used purposely for optimizing the relevant services with the goal of satisfying the customer and visitors when they are buying or selling. Emails are sent to the approved customers and visitors with relevant content from this website regarding opportunities for buying and selling. The information is also used from inquiries.

Whom do we share information with?

PII can be shared between approved customers who find it appropriate to assess the potential transactions. Visitor’s information and demographics are shared to third party vendors and the affiliated organizations. There is also an option to opt out in case you don’t wish to be contacted by us or other institutions.

Storage of personal identifiable information

It is collected and securely stored by the and cannot be accessed by third party or the employees as stated earlier.

Choices relating to collection, distribution and utilization of the information

Approved customers as well as the visitors can unsubscribe from receiving the information or any contacts from us or the agencies we associate with either by calling us or stating so in the emails.

Do we use cookies on our websites?

They are used for several reasons such as to determining what customers prefer and what services they select. Cookies are also used for the purpose of security in protecting our clients. In case someone logs on and stay inactive for up to 10 min, the system automatically logs off.

How does the website use login information?

The website uses information to analyze the trends, to track the movement of the user, gather information regarding demographics and site administration. The information is not limited to ISPs, browser types or IP.

Partners who have access to approved customers and visitors PII from our site

We have signed an agreement with institutions we associate with to have access to PII. This is mainly for evaluating the customers. We are also required to disclose the information if ordered by the court for the purposes of law enforcement and finally in order to protect our clients.

Keeping personal identifiable information secure

Our employees are familiar with our policies and practices. PII is only available to the authorized employees, who are few in number. Passwords are given for them to access information, and security systems are regularly audited. There are encryption protocols to protect important and confidential information. Reasonable actions were taken to secure our website and all communications. In case of break-ins and errors total security cannot be guaranteed and we are not responsible for damages in case it happens.

Deleting or deactivating personal identification information

There is an option for our clients to erase or deactivate from our database. However, there is the residual information retained which remains as deleted and is not transferred, used or sold in any way.

Consequences in case of privacy policy changes

In case of any change, our clients will be notified on the website. If the change relates to disclosure of information, client will be contacted.