3DFitBud Simple Step Counter & Pedometer


  • 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter is a simple, durable workhorse, with no setup required
  • The pedometer features one reset button, 10 step error prevention, and will let you stay motivated and healthy
  • 3D pedometer for step counting only
  • Simple, easy to use, and needs no setup. It is ready to use straight out of the box
  • User friendly for men, women, and kids
  • Track your daily steps
  • Advanced 3D Tri-Axis Sensor technology is more accurate than most pedometers
  • 3D Tri-Axis Sensor technology delivers superior accuracy and can read in any direction/position – up, down, flat on its side, or any angle
  • Clip to the hip, pocket, wear around your neck, or place in a bag or pocket
  • Large display for tracking the data
  • Battery is included
  • Long battery life
  • The 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter auto sleeps when you are not moving and resumes step counting when you start moving again
  • Free shipping