13 in 1 Ab Roller Wheel Kit Review

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  • Ab roller wheel is an overall strength builder
  • The kit includes 1x AB roller wheel, 1x thick knee pad, 1x jump rope, 2x resistance bands, 2x push-up bars, 2x core sliders, 2x wrist wraps, 1x guidebook, and 1x gift box
  • AB wheel fitness effect is significant, 10 minutes of exercise can consume 400-500 kilocalories 80% of the body’s joints and muscles
  • It supports building up and toning muscles
  • Targets the triceps, biceps, lats, pecs, deltoids, and abs
  • Ultra-wide ab roller ensures balance and stability, as it does not deviate left and right
  • 600 lbs weight capacity
  • The pad helps to provide support and reduce pain while kneeling so you can stay comfortable
  • The resistance rope gives the user more control over the movement of the Ab wheel, helps maintain proper shape, and provides support to extend the exercise time to burn belly fat and build core strength
  • The skipping rope can shape your cardio endurance, stamina, and speed while improving the muscle tension of your whole body
  • The core sliders ensure the hands or feet never leave the floor, which offers an incredible core workout low-impact & weight-bearing exercise, great for building your core & AB strength
  • Wrist wraps are for both pushing and pulling movements to help prevent injury and assist in maintaining proper form when pushing to heavier weights
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