aeac Smart Watch & Fitness Tracker


  • Adjust your fitness plan accordingly when you have the aeac Smart Watch & Fitness Tracker
  • It has 24 hours of continuous heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen level monitoring so you know when the time is right for exercise
  • Sleep monitor and sleep score function monitors and analyzes your sleep patterns to give you professional advice on how to improve
  • 14 sports modes including swimming, yoga, running, walking, cycling, badminton, table tennis, basketball, and more motivate you to stay active
  • Breath training function helps to improve lung function and improve respiratory infections
  • This smartwatch is designed to allow you to add family members so you can keep track of every member’s health and sports activities
  • It vibrates to alert you when your blood oxygen level exceeds the normal value when you exercise intensely, allowing you to exercise only in your best state of health
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