AERLANG Push Up Board, Push Up Bar, Push Up Stand


  • AERLANG Push Up Board has handles that are made of thick, high load-bearing material
  • The design is suitable for different shoulder widths
  • Non-slip handles help distribute force evenly, thereby reducing stress and joint strain on the wrists and elbows
  • Multiple non-slip plugs help stabilize your body while you exercise
  • This multi-functional 10-in-1 system push-up machine is color-coded for pectorials, abdominals, arms, and latissimus dorsi
  • An instruction manual is included for professional guidance
  • The foldable pushup stand is lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Use at home, office, or gym
  • Lose fat and build muscle anytime, anywhere!
  • For fitness enthusiasts or professional athletes. It can be customized to achieve professional sports results, and help you to exercise effectively
  • Free delivery
  • 1,200+ Reviews
  • Shop with confidence!!
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