BANCON Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike


  • BANCON Magnetic Resistance Bike is dedicated to providing personalized home fitness solutions
  • It allows Bluetooth connection and is compatible with Zwift
  • The flywheel is hidden to avoid danger from children’s touch and dust
  • 8 levels of paddle-style adjustment resistance, with an emergency brake at the bottom to prevent children from misusing it
  • By increasing the magnetic field resistance, the magnetic resistance system provides a smoother and noise-free ride without causing disturbance to the surroundings
  • Using a high-rebound air-permeable cushion that is ergonomically designed to reduce vibration and make riding more comfortable
  • The seat cushion can be adjusted up and down, front and back, to accommodate riders of all heights
  • The inseam ranges from 27″ to 36″
  • It can bear up to 243lbs of weight
  • Your Time, Speed, Distance, and Calories Burnt are all tracked on the LCD monitor
  • You can use the holder to put your phone or tablet, listen to music, or watch videos during exercise
  • The handle has three sections, and the height can be adjusted with a knob to accommodate various riding postures
  • It has a small footprint with dimensions of 46 L x 21 W x 48 H inches
  • Hold the front handle and press down to move BANCON Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike to the corner by in-built transport wheels
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