BCAN Folding Exercise Bike


  • BCAN Folding Exercise Bike is built with commercial-grade steel and features a more solid triangle structure than the traditional X-structure, making it extremely sturdy and long-lasting
  • The magnetic mechanism on the foldable exercise bike is up to date, and the precision-balanced flywheel ensures a smoother and noise-free ride
  • You can exercise as much as you want without causing disturbance to your surroundings
  • The foldable stationary bike’s 8 levels of resistance will make your workout more enjoyable
  • It is suitable for calorie burning and physical therapy for men, women, and seniors
  • You and your family can choose a suitable height from 7 levels of height adjustment, ranging from 4’9″ to 6’1″, making it usable by all family members
  • The high-density foam seat is 15.5 x 9.5 inches. It is ergonomically intended to help you absorb shocks
  • Wide platform pedals support your feet throughout exercise, making you feel more comfortable and safer
  • It is compact, taking up only 0.98㎡ of space at home
  • Your Pulse, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories Burnt, and Odometer are all clearly shown on the easy-to-read LCD
  • The gadget holder with anti-skid silicone can hold your phone or tablet as you exercise
  • Enjoy your favorite TV show or listen to the music of your choice as you burn calories
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