BESVIL Stepper ABS Exercise Machine


  • BESVIL Stepper ABS Exercise Machine is a multifunctional exercise machine for body shape, sit-ups, abdominals, slimming, and stepping motion
  • With the integration of aerobic exercise, stretching action, and relaxation
  • It allows you to exercise and tighten your buttocks, abs, biceps, triceps, legs, and arms at home in a simple yet effective way
  • Rollable, high-quality foam makes it easier to exercise the back muscles
  • Convex point design massages the bottoms of the feet with widened wear-resistant pedals
  • The wide, thick, soft, and high-elasticity leather cushion makes movement more pleasant
  • LED digital displays real-time recording of Time, allowing you to know the amount of exercise you have done and guess the average calories burnt
  • Adjust the height to your liking with the knob
  • Use the knob to modify the long bar’s resistance, with the clockwise adjustment increasing the resistance and anticlockwise decreasing the resistance
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