BFR Bands, Booty Bands for Women Review


  • The BFR Booty Bands workout includes free shipping, an 8-week booty guide with video tutorials for legs, hips, glutes, and occlusion training
  • This resistance band is portable, durable, and comfortable to use.
  • The only BFR Occlusion bands bundled with a science-based 8-week booty building Guide
  • Also included are the best exercises and video tutorials to build your booty at home using our glute bands
  • With the correct guidance, BFR bands will accelerate the results and are the best resistant bands for this exercise
  • With our booty bands, you can tone, shape, and lift your butt in the comfort of your home
  • The BFR booty bands work by temporarily restricting blood flow to your butt
  • Science proves that 5-10 mins of forced blood flow restriction speed up booty toning, lifting, and growth
  • The restriction of blood builds up lactic acid and HGH (human growth hormone) giving you a “pump.”
  • These booty bands are great for the legs, booty, thigh, and overall exercise regime for women’s leg development and glute growth
  • Impressive results. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with 100% money back
  • Free shipping
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