BFR BANDS PRO Blood Flow Restriction Bands Review

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  • BFR BANDS blood flow restriction bands for legs, arms, and glutes help gain muscle without heavy lifting
  • The strap is comfortable to wear, super strong, and with a quick-release
  • No of pieces: 2
  • These Occlusion Bands are extra thick and 2 inches wide to help you reach optimal occlusion during your occlusion training workouts.
  • Studies show that practical blood flow restriction training can increase muscle protein synthesis, NOS-1 expression, and mTOR signaling, resulting in increased muscle growth.
  • Quicker lean muscles and superb tone without heavy lifting
  • The occlusion straps induce hypertrophy at very low loads (usually 10-30% of a 1RM). When performed correctly, the results achieved are typically similar to those achieved with 80% 1RMs
  • Free shipping
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