Bowflex 1090 Dumbbells

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  • The Bowflex 1090 dumbbells are available in a sleek and modern black color, which adds an aesthetic touch to home gym setups. These adjustable dumbbells weigh around 90 pounds each, providing
  • Brand: Bowflex
  • Special Feature: Adjustable dumbbell, space-efficient design
  • 1,600+ Reviews


  • Space Efficiency: Replaces multiple sets of dumbbells, ideal for compact workout spaces.
  • Wide Weight Range: Adjusts from 5 to 52.5 lbs. in 2.5 lb. increments up to 25 lbs.
  • Ease of Use: Dial-based weight selection eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells.
  • Total Body Workouts: Enables heavy exercises like shrugs and lunges, as well as lighter exercises such as curls and raises.
  • Compact Design: Saves space without compromising workout variety.
  • JRNY Membership: Offers a 2-month free trial for mobile-only membership, providing access to motion tracking and strength-training workouts.


  • Weight Limit: Goes up to 52.5 lbs. for some Bowflex dumbbells, which may be insufficient for extremely heavy lifters.
  • Price Point: Relatively expensive compared to traditional dumbbells, but consolidates multiple weights into one.


  • Adjustability: Ranges from 10 to 90 lbs., replacing multiple dumbbells.
  • Variety of Exercises: Bowflex 1090 dumbbells allow over 30 exercises with 80+ variations.
  • Ease of Adjustment: Change weight settings with a simple dial turn.
  • Workout DVD: Includes a free workout DVD, “Secrets of the 4 Step Rep,” enhancing workout efficiency.
  • Compatibility: JRNY membership for mobile devices adds value with motion tracking and workout guidance.

Comparison with Alternatives:

  • Versatility: Outperforms standard dumbbell sets with its adjustable weight range.
  • Space-saving: Replaces multiple sets of dumbbells with a single, compact design.
  • JRNY Compatibility: Offers a unique mobile-focused workout experience, unlike some other products.

Warranty and Support:

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Two-year limited warranty on all parts and weight plates, one-year labor warranty.
  • Customer Support: Reliable support from Bowflex.


  • The Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Dumbbell is a popular choice for those who need efficient and versatile workout equipment that doesn’t take up much space. With a wide weight range, it provides a comprehensive solution for various strength-training needs and allows for a variety of exercises. Additionally, it is compatible with JRNY, making it even more convenient. Although it may seem expensive, its ability to replace multiple dumbbells and enable diverse workouts makes it a valuable investment for fitness enthusiasts who seek compact yet versatile gear.
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