DACHUANG Stair Steppers for Exercise


  • Two big, non-slip magnetic foot pedals are included with the DACHUANG Stair Steppers exercise machine
  • It improves human physiology, blood circulation, and insomnia
  • The mini stepper’s LED monitor can record exercise Time, Steps, total Calories Burnt, and Distance
  • The monitor’s screen is double the size of a conventional fitness stepper exercise machine
  • Not only can you properly exercise your legs, abdomen, and buttocks with the aerobic stepper’s removable training bands, but you can also effectively exercise your arms and shoulders with resistance bands
  • It’s ideal for full-body weight loss exercises
  • The step fitness machine is compact and portable
  • The home stepper is made of high-quality rubber and innovative nano-metal transmission, resulting in a noise level of less than 20dB
  • Mini step machine is quiet as you exercise because of the rubber-shock absorb cushions
  • Free delivery
  • 3+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!
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