DMASUN Rowing Machine


  • DMASUN Rowing Machine supports full-body workout
  • It is super-reliable with premium quality, thicker materials that guarantee long usage
  • The varying resistance levels allow beginners or pros to set the resistance level as per their requirements
  • Fully adjustable with resistance levels varying from easy to challenging. This makes it suitable for both beginners and pros alike
  • The wide, ergonomic seat is extremely comfortable and soft, glides easily along the 44-inch rails, and can fit rowers of practically any height
  • It makes no noise. Feel no worries about sliding the seat. It is quiet and smooth
  • The foldable Rowing Machine can be folded once used
  • The easily assembled mechanism allows you to assemble it within 20 minutes
  • Built-in wheels allow easy transportation from one place to another without lifting the machine
  • An LCD monitor that tracks time, counts, calories, and distance in real-time
  • Included is a device holder for on-board entertainment
  • Free delivery
  •  1,000+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!