ER KANG Multifunction Power Cage, Total Home Gym Review


  • ER KANG Power Cage offers an economic way to set up a home gym station
  • It includes 1 cable bar, 1 T-bar, 1 LAT pull-down bar, 360o landmine, weight & barbell storage rack
  • This power cage works together with the LAT tower, cable cross machine, and power tower to allow for a wide variety of exercises
  • Constructed of gym-grade 14-gauge steel, this unit is tough enough to match most power cages on the market
  • Also, it boasts a 1400 lbs weight capacity ensuring stable workouts
  • The ER KANG Power Cage Cable Crossover Machine offers smooth and noiseless performance
  • It has 3 removable band pegs on the bottom to fit senior fitness enthusiasts
  • 360°landmine and footboard on the sides help with a range of strength training exercises
  • Includes a barbell weight storage rack to help you save space
  • 4 storage hooks on the rear for placing various cable handles
  • 11 selectable height holes enable you to adjust your workouts
  • ‎68.5 x 63 x 85.4 inches product dimension
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