Ezzgy Sliders for Workout Review


  • Ezzgy Core Sliders are a great solution for intense and effective workouts at home or gym
  • Practical and easy to use
  • Our fitness workout sliders are made from ABS
  • This plastic material is durable and long-lasting so you can train safely
  • The other side is covered in a non-slip fabric that secures your hand, feet, or knees on the pad to avoid injuries
  • 7-inch workout sliders are premium gym gear that allows you to train your back muscles, abs, glutes, calves, biceps, and triceps
  • They ensure a complete workout that can help you build muscle and strengthen your core
  • This pair of dual-sided gliding discs can be used on hardwood, carpets, and tiling
  • Use them at the gym or at home to strengthen your body and intensify your usual workout
  • The sliding cores are great for women and men
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Use the exercise slider for yoga, Pilates, fitness, and cross-training workouts
  • Free shipping