FUNMILY Treadmill Foldable with Auto Incline Review


  • FUNMILY Treadmill is levels above expectations
  • It is super quiet, functional, heavy-duty, engineered with precision, and very simple to use
  • This treadmill features a 300 lbs weight capacity, 3.25hp, and is the perfect fit for home, office, and gym use
  • The quiet-running electric motor produces 3.25hp, which is on par with many professional (non-portable) gym treadmills
  • This allows you to run at speeds of up to 9 mph (14.5 km/h), which is plenty fast even for athletes
  • Taking the incline up to 15% is a great way to work your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves, whether you run or do a brisk inclined walk
  • Just 10 minutes at a maximum incline and your quads will be burning
  • 9ft x 1.41ft wide running belt
  • Running can be a strain on your knees, but with the FUNMILY Treadmill, the innovative two-tier running board, and the shock-absorption system, this treadmill won’t cause any undue strain on your joints
  • Run for as long as you like in total comfort on the wide 3.9ft x 1.41ft running surface, which is able to support up to 300 lbs
  • The sophisticated soft-drop system allows you to unfold the electric treadmill gently and elegantly with a simple press of your foot
  • The large center console gives you all the info you need while running, including speed, time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate
  • Connect your phone or tablet to enjoy your favorite media via Bluetooth and the speakers deliver vibrant stereo sound
  • 25hp App-controlled treadmill. The integrated FitShow app provides natural exercise routines and lets you compete with others in real-time
  • All our folding treadmills with inclines are quality-assured and we offer full product protection for a whole year
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  • Buy with confidence!!