GOREDI Pedal Exerciser


  • GOREDI Pedal Exerciser is a home or office exercise machine and the ideal choice for people recovering post-surgery
  • It is the go-to choice for at-home or office low-impact exercises
  • For arms and legs
  • Place the pedal exerciser anywhere you like, under the table on the floor
  • Stimulate blood circulation and strengthen your muscles with GOREDI Pedal Exerciser
  • It has an exclusive foldable feature which makes it portable and a compact space saver
  • It has a tension knob to adjust the resistance level as per your need easily
  • Pull-ring design makes it easy to fold and store
  • The risk of sliding during the exercise is minimized through the anti-slip triangle rubber pads providing a firm grip to the pedal exerciser
  • For muscle strengthening, stimulating blood circulation, and joint flexibility of the wrist, shoulder, and elbow, to name a few
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