Gorilla Bow Home Gym Resistance Band Review


  • Gorilla Bow Home Gym is a portable, all-in-one resistance band for a full-body workout
  • It allows countless workouts in almost any position, making it the most versatile tool in your gym arsenal
  • Can be used in your house or on the go – office, hotel room, park, almost anywhere
  • It’s a great replacement or supplement to a gym membership
  • The all-in-one home gym provides a total body workout by combining an ancient weapon with modern resistance bands
  • Accommodates 300 lbs of resistance.
  • Select up to 4 bands at a time and combine resistance to get the best weight for every exercise.
  • Collapsible & light, for sweat at home or on the fly
  • Breaks down into three 21-inch pieces, & fits in your gym bag or carry-on
  • The Bow is made of aircraft aluminum and the resistance bands are double-wall latex.
  • Free shipping
  • 700+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!