HIWALKER Under Desk Treadmill


  • The HIWALKER Under Desk Treadmill is the world’s smallest and lightest office treadmill, suitable for usage in homes, apartments, and offices
  • It is delivered completely assembled
  • With a compact size and has the same 2.0 HP power motor as a motorized treadmill
  • It allows you to exercise in your workplace or in front of your workstation, regardless of the weather or indoor space size
  • Wireless Remote Control and App mobile control allow you to use a remote control to operate the treadmill at your convenience
  • The built-in wheels allow the treadmill to be easily transported from one place to another
  • The LCD monitor will track your progress toward your target of 10,000 steps
  • Even at a maximum speed of 3.1 mph, the noise level is less than 70dB, ensuring no disruptions to your work, reading, or other activity as you burn calories
  • You can even enjoy your call or attend a conference while running on your treadmill without letting the person on the other end know you are exercising
  • With a net weight of 48.5lbs and a capacity of 242.5lbs weight, this total-body home gym is built to last
  • It’s a portable and reliable treadmill that goes a long way
  • Free delivery
  • 100+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!