INMAKER Core Sliders Review


  • INMAKER Core Sliders help in enhancing agility, stability, strength, and coordination
  • Very effective and lets you experience a visible body transformation
  • Low impact on joints in low-frictional weight-bearing workouts
  • Break body adaptation and burn fat to reveal leaner, flatter abs
  • User friendly for beginners, big guys, lifestyle builders, and rehab
  • Smooth sliders engaging your core
  • 2 sizes of regular 7” rec for defining your abs
  • Tone and sculpt muscles that are hardly used
  • Slippery-proof
  • Come with printed instructions and an e-book for reference
  • Double-sided for all surfaces
  • Polished plastic side is used down on carpet/rugs, foam side down on hardwood/laminate floor
  • A portable bag you can carry sliders anywhere at ease
  • Free shipping