KardiaMobile EKG Monitor Review

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  • The KardiaMobile 6-Lead Personal EKG Monitor is a revolutionary device that provides accurate, FDA-cleared six-lead EKG results in just 30 seconds, offering an extensive view of your heart’s health.
  • Enhanced EKG: This device records a medical-grade, six-lead EKG, supplying detailed heart rhythm determinations such as AFib, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, and Normal Sinus Rhythm on your smartphone.
  • Professional Trust: Recommended by doctors, it’s the only FDA-cleared six-lead personal EKG monitor, offering an in-depth insight into your heart’s status.
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Compatible with most smartphones and tablets, it offers hassle-free integration, requiring the Kardia app for operation. It’s incredibly user-friendly.
  • No Subscription Needed: Allows a six-lead EKG and detects various heart conditions without the need for a KardiaCare subscription.

Additional Details:

  • Portability and Reliability: Fits in your pocket for on-the-go heart checks, powered by a CR2016 Coin Cell battery.
  • Comprehensive Arrhythmia Detection: Identifies AFib, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, and Normal Sinus Rhythm, providing a broad understanding of your heart’s condition.
  • Limitations: Not advisable for use with pacemakers or implanted electronic devices due to potential accuracy issues.
  • Sharing and Accessibility: Allows easy sharing of EKG results with doctors via email without requiring a subscription.


  • The KardiaMobile 6L offers unparalleled insights into heart health, providing a detailed six-lead EKG in a pocket-sized device. Its professional-grade accuracy, compatibility, and ease of use make it an excellent choice for individuals seeking comprehensive heart rhythm monitoring without subscription requirements.

Comparison with KardiaMobile Single Lead:

  • When comparing the 6L to the KardiaMobile Single Lead version, the 6L’s advantage lies in its ability to capture more detailed heart data with six leads compared to one lead, providing a more comprehensive view of heart health. However, the Single Lead version offers similar arrhythmia detections and portability but lacks the detailed data capture of the 6L.

In conclusion

  • While the Single Lead version might suffice for basic monitoring, the 6L offers a superior level of heart health insight for those requiring more detailed diagnostics.
  • The KardiaMobile 6L is an exceptional choice for those seeking professional-grade heart health monitoring in a portable and user-friendly device.
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