Kettlebell Set for Women and Men Review


  • Kettlebell set from TopMade includes free delivery and a 2-year protection plan
  • It is ideal for men or women who want to workout at home, gym, or office
  • Available in 3 sets (10, 15, and 20-pound kettlebells)
  • Color options available: pink, green, grey, and orange
  • Kettlebell weight sets are perfect tools for swings, deadlifts, squats, weightlifting, pulls, overhead throws, and rotational training
  • Kettlebell training helps improve the ability to sustain fast muscular contractions, teaches the body to adjust to a constantly changing center of gravity, builds forearms, strengthens grip, and improves cardio-respiratory fitness.
  • The set is made of solid cast iron and coated scratch-free vinyl for durability corrosion prevention, scratch, or wreck to the floor
  • Color-coded handle for quick selection at a glance
  • The large textured handle allows a comfortable grip and easy maneuvering
  • A flat rubber bottom allows easy storage and prevents the kettlebells from rocking the floor
  • Free shipping