Krisrate Under Desk Treadmill


  • The Krisrate Under Desk Treadmill does it all for a quick walk or an entire-fledged exercise to burn calories
  • The Under Desk Treadmill allows you to work and exercise simultaneously. Burn fat, boost your fitness, tone your lower body, and improve your cardiovascular health as you work or do other tasks
  • Plug in and get started! There is no assembly process or any high assembly cost.
  • It has installed rollers to be easily transported from one place to another. It is also extremely lightweight in comparison to other bulky treadmills
  • It can accommodate runners and walkers of all levels
  • Experience noise-free, smooth, and comfortable exercise without disturbing anyone else because of the powerful 2.5 HP ultra-quiet motor
  • The compact treadmill can easily be stored under the sofa or bed or tucked in a corner when not in use
  • The high-tech multilayer, cozy spacious design protects your knees. The design ensures safety and a convenient workout. Even at maxed-out speed, it feels sturdy underfoot
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