LABODI Exercise Bike

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  • The LABODI Exercise Bike features a heavy-duty steel frame that can support up to 330 lbs, making it ideal for rigorous workouts. It boasts a larger flywheel and belt drive system for improved stability, safety, and a smooth and comfortable low-impact workout experience.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Design: Adjustable 2-way handlebars and 4-way seats accommodate various body types, while the soft seat cushion ensures comfort during workouts.
  • LCD Monitor: An improved LCD monitor tracks time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, speed, and RPM, offering intuitive exercise intensity control. It’s also compatible with a 9.8-inch iPad.
  • Adjustable Resistance: Use the pull knob to adjust exercise intensity across multiple levels, facilitating fat burning, core muscle engagement, and cardiovascular improvement.


  • Durable Build: Heavy-duty steel frame and bottom support bar ensure stability during intense workouts.
  • Quiet Operation: Larger flywheel and belt drive contribute to a smoother, whisper-quiet exercise experience.
  • Customizable Comfort: Adjustable handlebars and seats cater to different body types, ensuring a comfortable workout for everyone.
  • Safety Features: Cage pedals, floor levelers, and transport wheels enhance stability, convenience, and safety during workouts.
  • Warranty and Support: Comes with a 1-year parts replacement service and customer service satisfaction guarantee.


  • Availability: The product might be currently unavailable, limiting immediate access.


  • The LABODI Exercise Bike provides a durable, comfortable, and customizable workout experience for home users. It has a robust construction, adjustable features, and an easy-to-use LCD monitor, making it suitable for people of different fitness levels and body types.
  • The bike’s adjustable resistance levels allow for progression and challenge, which helps users burn fat, engage their core muscles, and improve their cardiovascular health. It also has safety features like cage pedals and floor levelers, ensuring that users have a stable workout platform.
  • Thanks to its durability, quiet operation, and comprehensive tracking system, the LABODI Exercise Bike is a reliable option for home cardio workouts. The bike’s commitment to delivering an enjoyable workout experience through innovation and customer-focused fitness products makes it a promising choice for fitness enthusiasts.
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