LUBBYGIM Pedal Exerciser


  • LUBBYGIM Electric Pedal Exerciser supports improving sedentary body tension, stimulating blood circulation, physical therapy, muscle relaxation, and strengthening of muscles of the arms and legs
  • A quiet electric-driven system provides a smooth exercise experience
  • Let’s you exercise while watching television, playing video games, or using your phone
  • Motorized and manually assisted pedaling, forward and backward, all designed to meet your needs
  • The ergonomic adjustable pedals can be used for hands and feet
  • It has a wide range of six adjustable speed levels to meet the needs of a customized workout
  • For home or office use
  • The ideal choice for people recovering post-surgery and suitable for the elderly for the gentle, low-impact exercise of arms and legs
  • Easy to adjust through the remote control or LCD buttons
  • The multi-function LCD makes it simple to track and read your time, pace, and calories when pedaling
  • Easy to set up in minutes after arrival
  • Includes a passive mode that allows you to shift to manual mode
  • Free delivery
  • 40+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!