Marcy Multifunction Home Gym Review


  • Marcy Multifunction Home Gym features a 150-weight rack, upper/lower pulley system, press arm, preacher curl pad, leg developer, lat bar, ankle strap, and a 300lbs max user weight
  • Versatile and prevents the need for multiple strength training equipment
  • Heavy-duty reinforced steel tubing with guard rods that hold weight in place during workouts
  • This gear features a customizable weight stack for any skill level to avoid overloading
  • Safety lock that prevents unauthorized use of equipment
  • Dual, versatile press arms that allow you to perform chest press and vertical butterfly exercises to develop your biceps, triceps, pectorals, and other muscles
  • Change routines with a simple remove/insert pin method
  • Ergonomically designed seats with high-density boxed upholstery to reduce tension and impact
  • The preacher curl bicep pad is removable and adjustable to allow isolated bicep exercises
  • For a full-body workout in the comfort of your home
  • Combines arm and leg stations which is great for strengthening muscle groups and achieving a comprehensive total-body workout
  • Perfect for increasing lean muscle mass, and burning calories by increasing your metabolic rate
  • 68” L x 36” W x 79” H assembled dimension
  • 300 lbs max weight capacity
  • Free shipping
  • 2,300+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!