Merach Rowing Machine


  • Merach Rowing Machine has an ultra-quiet electromagnetic resistance system that will take your exercise to the next level
  • Compared to the standard physical friction system, the electric magnetic resistance system is quieter, has less friction loss, is smoother, and is more precise
  • The aluminum alloy double slide rails reduce the seat pulley friction, which minimizes the loud noise
  • The ‘KINOMAP’ App can be used with the Merach Electric Magnetic Rowing Machine for at-home or workplace exercise. The App will automatically record Calories Burnt, Time, Distance, and other data
  • The gadget holder has an adjustable angle so you can read your data on your tablet or smartphone while exercising
  • The sliding motion of the double-track rowing machine is smooth and stable.
  • The pedals can be rotated to minimize the risk of an ankle injury
  • The thick, soft, and breathable cushioning saddle protects your hip from the discomfort of long-term use
  • The non-slip properties of the silicon handle are exceptional
  • One multifunctional button control displays resistance adjustment and data switching
  • Rotate it to adjust and choose between the 16 levels of resistance
  • The built-in base wheel makes it easy to move the rowing machine from one place to another
  • It takes 1.6 x 5.7 feet of space while in use and can be stored in a place of 1.6 x 2.1 feet
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