OVICX Magnetic Stationary Exercise Bike Review


  • Top-selling exercise bike
  • 2020 model year
  • 100% intensity workouts
  • All-inclusive exercise bike, secure, and easy on the joints
  • An unbelievable stable and quiet training is achieved with the combination of magnetic control and belt transmission
  • Zero-contact magnetic control protects the knee well by equaling the force-bearing area while using the exercise bike
  • Ideal cardio trainer for everyday usage
  • Durable, sturdy, delivers smooth and consistent rides
  • Adopts a riding control system composed of traditional multi-slot belts
  • It can meet high-intensity uphill resistance settings, stable resistance, quiet and durable, and will not skip gears
  • Target body parts like the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and lose excess fat.
  • Let your body move with the music and enjoy the invigoration of sweating
  • The compact design covers an area of about 7ft², and the height of the seat cushion and armrests can be adjusted to meet professional training without taking up your space
  • The dipping handlebar adopts liquid immersion technology, and the handlebar frame and surface material are integrated as a whole
  • Different exercise posture achieves different exercise effects
  • It can be used with high intensity for a long time
  • 82 lbs net weight
  • 265 lbs max carrying capacity
  • Caged pedals
  • 7“ x 22.5″ x 43.6″ item dimension
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