PANMAX Home Gym Adjustable Dumbbell

Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $59.99.

  • PANMAX Home Gym Adjustable Dumbbell has a non-slip grip and can be used as a barbell, dumbbell, and push-up
  • It is durable and safer with a special double-locking nut design
  • 4 adjustable modes, anti-rolling, and non-slip grip
  • Increase muscle mass & burn more calories
  • Encourage weight loss & cardiovascular health
  • Extend endurance & range of motion
  • Allow adjustments to target specific muscles & press pain-free
  • Used for a multitude of exercises
  • Special double-locking nut design. Each spin lock nut is equipped with a fixing bolt, which can ensure that the dumbbells will not loosen during use
  • Foam-covered connecting rod to reduce neck compression and relieve fatigue
  • All metal connecting rods and handlebars are more durable and safer to use
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