Pull Up Assist Band with Fabric Feet Rest for Chin Up


  • Pull Up Assist Band is cheaper with a wide range of uses when compared to the heavy dumbbells and fitness equipment
  • The band adds extra help to your pull-up training and gradually increases your strength
  • In addition, using it to raise your legs can also be used as intensive training for push-ups
  • The adjustable straps can meet the needs of people of different heights and different postures
  • The hard alloy buckles have a serrated stable design, which can be firmly fixed when you use them
  • Safe and reliable, durable, and solid
  • It is tough and durable, full of elasticity, and prevents scratching
  • The inner air provides pressure during stretching and prolongs the service life of the elastic tubes
  • The anti-entanglement alloy joints can help you increase or decrease the number of elastic assistance tubes at any time
  • Dense stitching creates a comfortable and durable fabric part
  • t can be easily fixed to any stable crossbar and can be fixed and removed at any time
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