PULLUP & DIP Parallettes Review


  • PULLUP & DIP parallettes include free delivery and will let you workout wherever you want
  • It features an ergonomic handle that protects the wrist and offers optimal power distribution
  • No more wrist pain due to unnatural buckling of the wrists
  • The custom-made ergonomic wooden handle made of beech wood is perfectly matched to your hand, gives you a neutral grip, and protects the wrists
  • No stinking of sweaty foam handles thanks to high-quality wooden handles
  • The heavy-duty steel feet offer you extreme stability and a secure footing without wobbling
  • Maximum load: 200kg
  • With the push-up handles, you train specifically your upper body and effectively build up your chest, shoulder, and triceps muscles
  • The press-up bars are free to move independently and allow you a versatile bodyweight workout
  • They are ideal for all sorts of push-up variations such as close, wide, and one-armed push-ups as well as for the handstand
  • Special non-slip and durable anti-slip pads protect the floor, do not bleed, and provide a safe and firm footing for your workout, both indoors & outdoors
  • Free shipping
  • 1,500+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!