Push Up Board Bars for Strength Training

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  • The pushup board with a patent color-coded map can activate 40% to 60% more muscles
  • Ergonomic design protects the wrist and improves posture and definition of muscles contoured
  • 2 Sets of 5 different resistance levels can be used alone or stacked in any combination of intensity from 10lbs to 300lbs
  • Great for group training, yoga, CrossFit, Pilates, physical therapy, and rehabilitation
  • Moreover, working with ankle straps and door attachment helps you target calf, glute, and lower body muscles to help strengthen and tighten muscle groups for a stronger body
  • The detachable Pilates fitness bar is made of strengthened steel sticks, wrapped in soft foam for a more comfortable grip
  • Sturdy 360° swivel metal lugs and high-strength alloy buckles allow you to replace latex resistance bands and easily prevent the bands from tangling
  • Two sets of resistance bands can balance the weight on both sides and can also meet the needs of different weights
  • 5-inch wide Roller Wheel with Knee Pad holds up to 450lb. Made of durable non-slip rubber and strengthened stainless steel that ensures stability and comfort for your workouts, silence, never damage carpet or wood floor
  • Matching resistance bands can provide different weights of resistance on the way out and controlled return
  • The booty band is made of soft cotton material with non-slip elastic on the inner layer to prevent slipping or sliding
  • Use with the Pilates bar and resistance bands set for most workout programs, including CrossFit, Yoga, and Beach Body Workouts
  • Also great for squats, lunges, glute bridges, Donkey Kicks & Monster Walk
  • Will lift the buttocks, tone the muscles, and trim the legs or arms, helping to create a perfectly curvy butt
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