Sportsroyals Dip Bars Review


  • Sportsroyals Dip Bar is multifunctional fitness equipment with 1200 lbs weight capacity and outstanding stability
  • It is sturdy, and compact, and includes a free delivery service
  • The 42 x 22 in steel-made H-shape base provides an astonishing loading capacity for these dip bars
  • The 1200 lb capacity allows advanced users to do weight-bearing exercises
  • The 8 loading points with adjusted foot cover provide additional stability
  • You can adjust the single-foot height to make it stable on uneven ground
  • The 45 in height range is separated into 6 height levels
  • You can use the different levels to do various exercises, including triceps dips, l-sit dips, push-ups, and even l-sit pull-ups
  • Sportsroyals dip bar extended the base length prevents tipping
  • Sportsroyals dip bars are equipped with 4 push-up handlebars
  • You don’t need to lay down the parallel bars to do push-ups or buy other push-up equipment
  • Handgrips are flexible, and elastic, and will slip during exercise
  • Lifetime service
  • Free shipping