Sporzon Hex Dumbbells Review


  • Sporzon Dumbbells includes a fast delivery service and a free return policy
  • Dumbbells come in pairs or singles at your choice
  • Weight options: 10 pounds (pair), 15 pounds (pair), 20 pounds (pair), 25 pounds (pair), 30 pounds (single), 35 pounds (single), 40 pounds (single), 45 pounds (single), and 50 pounds (single)
  • Dumbbells are widely used in gyms and homes for various exercise purposes, a great tool for either full-body workout, or specific muscle groups
  • High-quality solid cast dumbbell encased in rubber.
  • Rubber casing will protect the floor and will last forever
  • Solid metal chrome finish and contoured handles on Sporzon Dumbbell is designed to fit comfortably
  • Textured handle provides a tight and secure grip
  • Hexagon shape rubber encased heads help prevent rolling and provide easier storage
  • Free shipping