SYNTECSO Pull Up Assistance Band, Pull Up Resistance Band


  • SYNTECSO Pull Up Assistance Band is heavy duty with 6 strong elastic straps that can withstand 200 lbs of load
  • The PU pedal is flexible and durable
  • Adjustable resistance straps are connected by spring snap hooks, which make them very easy to detach or attach to fit your training purpose
  • The length of the nylon straps can be adjusted in a few seconds to make the chin-up assistance bands ready for use
  • Ideal for everyone — fitness beginners or athletes, and trainers, the pull-up bar will help you to improve performance, mobility, flexibility, and strength step by step without getting hurt
  • The benefit of pull up assist band is not limited to arm, back, chest, and other upper limb muscles, you can also use it to improve leg strength
  • You can practice by either standing or kneeling on the assist band or use the pull-up assist bands for push-ups as well
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