Teeter FitForm Home Gym


  • Teeter FitForm Home Gym is an easier path to full-body fitness in the comfort of your home
  • The FitForm gives you endless exercise options and customized resistance
  • Exercise your arms, back, and core with fun and effective muscle-toning moves
  • Tone your legs, glutes, and calves with exercises you could never do with free weights
  • Perform compound movements with ease to torch more calories and build lean muscle
  • Easily work out every major muscle group without the need for a bunch of equipment like resistance bands, dumbbells, weight stacks, and kettlebells
  • 24 levels of resistance from 1–65 lb. at the simple turn of a dial
  • No fussing with clunky resistance adjustments or second‑guessing which bands or weight you need
  • Soft grip handles and adjustable ankle wraps let you switch between upper-body & lower-body workouts
  • Swiveling pulleys and a 3-position platform give you total freedom of movement.
  • Access trainer-led workout videos, custom workout routines, and the individual exercise library in the Teeter Move app
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  • 80+ Reviews
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