TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands Review


  • TheFitLife Resistance Bands are made from latex and are of the highest quality
  • Resistant band training is extremely effective at burning fat and increasing muscle strength
  • Tension level options (110 lbs and 150 lbs)
  • They also help to increase coordination, boost stamina, flexibility, range of motion, exercise different muscle groups, such as shoulder, arm, leg, butt, booty, and etc.
  • Perfect for beginner workouts or seasoned workout warriors, boys or girls, men, women, or children
  • 5 bands can be used alone or stacked in any combination of intensity from 10lbs to 110lbs
  • With attachable handles, ankle straps, and door anchor, you can choose different training methods for building strength
  • Lightweight and portable. This means you can carry them with ease, and exercise anywhere – at home, in the office, on a vacation, or at the gym
  • Made of premium materials to ensure maximum life, health, and safety during use
  • The anti-snap bands are made of natural latex that is stackable, non-irritant, and odor-free
  • With sweatproof and skidproof handles, strong fabric, and steel D buckles to ensure maximum life and safety during use
  • The package includes 5 resistance bands with different tension levels, a carrying bag, a sturdy door anchor, a pair of larger straps and handles
  • Free shipping