Titan Fitness Kettlebell Adjustable Review


  • Titan Fitness kettlebell adjustable can be incorporated into ab, core workouts, leg workouts, and even back workouts
  • It includes free delivery and a 2-year protection plan
  • Weight ranges from 10 lbs to 40 lbs
  • Whether you are new to exercise or a veteran trainer, this kettlebell weight makes an excellent addition to your exercise equipment
  • It can be used in group fitness classes as well as personal exercises. From bodybuilding to beginner-level exercises, get ripped with this multi-weight kettlebell.
  • This kettlebell weight includes six drop-cast iron plates. These plates can be easily removed or added to alter the total weight of the kettlebell, ranging from 10 to 40 pounds
  • These plates allow you to tailor your workout to your own specific needs
  • The Adjustable Kettlebell Weight has a wide handle with a 38mm diameter and is made of black powder-coated cast iron to make it more durable
  • Each of the 6 adjustable plates is held in place with a heavy-duty, plastic clamp. This ensures that the plates will stay in place as you incorporate the kettlebell into your workout
  • Free shipping