TRIBE Single Resistance Bands Set Review


  • TRIBE Single Resistance Bands include free delivery, multiple colors, and style options
  • Premium Malaysian Latex, Double-Layered Technology, and assembled in the USA
  • The style ranges from 5lbs to 45 lbs
  • If you are looking for unrivaled quality premium fitness bands for exercise to improve your home workout gear and equipment, look no further than Tribe
  • World-class craftsmanship and rigorously tested to be snap, stretch, and sweat resistant to give you the toughest workout bands for the best home workout
  • Tribe resistance bands with handles are extremely durable and high-quality
  • Achieve your desired body and tone up those arms, shoulders, legs, butt, booty, and abs with our premium home workout equipment
  • Our resistance bands are so lightweight that they make a great travel exercise band fitness kit
  • Whether you are a professional athlete looking for heavy weights for exercises or a beginner looking for light workout bands for a more effective home workout, this versatile resistance band set will empower your workout
  • At Tribe Fitness, we take pride in our product’s quality and more importantly our unrivaled, world-class customer support based right here in the USA
  • Free shipping
  • 5,000+ Reviews
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