U-Pick Cooling Towel

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  • No chemicals are used in the making of the U-Pick Cooling Towel, meaning it is safe and comfortable for you to use
  • Featuring super absorbent fiber weave technology, this towel ensures water regulation and retention
  • In addition to absorbing water, this towel also absorbs sweat to help you stay dry during a high intense workout
  • Suitable for runners, athletes, gym enthusiasts, sports fans, as well as those people who are affected by heat stress and hot flashes
  • This towel uses a hyper-evaporative material to ensure physical evaporation of moisture without the use of chemicals to make it safe for you
  • It can stay chilled for 3 hours depending on the environmental condition and physical activity for you to get the most out of it
  • 9,300+ Reviews
  • Shop with confidence!!
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