Upgraded Push Up Board, Push Up Bar, Resistance Bands, Portable Home Gym


  • Foldable Push Up Board is color-coded for Multiple Highly Effective pushup postures
  • Combining with a resistance band set, it will allow you to get strength training, resistance workouts, and cardio exercise right in the comfort of your home
  • Upgraded Push-up bars specifically designed to target different muscle groups (chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, and back) while engaging your core
  • Scientifically proven to activate 30% to 50% more muscles
  • Detailed instructions are provided with professional training guidance for maximizing your full-body workout
  • The push-up board is made of ABS Ductile plastic that with strong toughness
  • The resistance bands are made of natural latex that is durable and eco-friendly
  • The non-slip pushup handles provide a firm grip and distribute pressure evenly to reduce joint pressure
  • Includes non-slip plugs for additional stability
  • Portable Home Gym sets are easy to carry, store and use
  • Its unique design suits the different workout needs of all age groups
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  • 800+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!