UREVO Folding Treadmill, For Walking, Office Treadmill


  • UREVO treadmill is built to precision and designed to withstand intense usage over a long period of time
  • This multipurpose machine for walking and office/desk work is more stable, comfortable, sturdy, and reliable than traditional treadmills
  • The big portable desktop can become a table for a laptop, books, or even a mug of coffee
  • UREVO foldable 3 in 1 Treadmill can easily be folded after use. It has no lever or screws to fit in and out
  • It is one-step folding without any hassle in just 2 seconds
  • The innovative design makes it compact, portable, and a good space saver. It can be stored under the bed, couch, storeroom, or anywhere at home
  • It has a handlebar display tracking down the speed, time, and calories. Additionally, there is a display on the remote control to quickly check the progress made during a workout
  • 8 silicone shock absorbers lessen the impact on your knees and joints significantly
  • It has a broader running surface of 42.5 “x16.5”, providing you with ample space to run
  • This treadmill has a powerful 3 HP motor that can reach speeds of 8.6 mph, allowing you to push yourself to new goals
  • Bears up to 286 lbs of weight
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  • 900+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!