VIGBODY Indoor Cycling Bike


  • VIGBODY Indoor Cycling Bike updated version has titled back seat pillars which are different from the previous version
  • The maximum weight capacity has been increased from 260lbs of the previous version to 400lbs. The steel frame is also thicker and heavier than the previous version
  • It ensures stability and safety during a ride through the thickened heavy-duty steel frame and a unique triangular structure
  • Guaranteed smooth and sturdy ride with the delt driver transport system
  • Quieter than the chain drive, exercising on this bike is noise free without causing a disturbance in the surrounding
  • The non-slip handlebar can be adjusted in 2 directions, the padded seat can be adjusted in 4 directions, and the resistance can be adjusted for a comfortable indoor riding experience
  • The Updated VIGBODY Indoor Cycling Stationary Exercise Bike’s LCD display tracks Time, Speed, Distance, Calories Burnt, and Odometer
  • The non-slip steel cage-shaped pedals with adjustable straps fit comfortably on a variety of foot sizes, provide complete protection, and prevent sliding forward
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