VX-Power Elliptical Bike

Original price was: $369.99.Current price is: $349.99.

  • VX-Power Elliptical Bike for leg workout provides a comfortable, enjoyable massage on the soles of your foot through an assisted and effortless elliptical movement
  • It is compact and can easily be stored anywhere
  • It provides foot reflexology stimulation. Reduces swelling around the legs, helping relieve cramps, and improves the overall blood flow circulation system using the ultra-quiet high-power motor and massage system
  • Exercise while watching your favorite show or listening to the music of your choice
  • This multi-featured Elliptical Bike has aided lubrication of the joints, increasing mobility, toning the legs, and strengthening the muscles
  • It is a perfect workout at home or a workplace machine
  • You can monitor Time, Distance, Speed, Steps, and Calories, as shown by the LCD screen
  • The remote control allows you to customize the direction of movement, speed, and time. VX-Power Elliptical Bike comes with an instruction manual
  • Free delivery
  • 10+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!
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