Wellue O2Ring Activity & Fitness Tracker Review

Original price was: $258.00.Current price is: $179.99.

  • For pregnant women, the elderly, brainworker, people at high altitudes
  • The lightest, smallest ring sensor for overnight continuous monitoring
  • Durable and adapt to most fingers
  • 24/7 O2 Level, heart rate, and body movements
  • Unlimited storage space in the app.
  • Built-in memory can store 4 groups of 10 hours of data
  • Runs up to 16 hours on a single charge
  • Professional PC report. It provides graphic sleep report and trends of health data, reviewing real-time data in the APP dashboard
  • Unlimited sharing of PDF and CSV reports
  • Save history data to your phone unlimitedly at no additional cost
  • Identifies abnormalities in SP-O2 levels, heart rates and mark them in the report
  • Alarm & beep for low O2 in device and app
  • Turn on/off, adjust the threshold and intensity separately to fit your best
  • Integration with Apple health
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Free shipping
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