WSAKOUE Pull Up Resistance Band Review


  • WSAKOUE pull up resistance bands include free delivery and are a perfect fit for men and women
  • The pull-up assistance bands are made of 100% natural latex which makes WSAKOUE resistance bands soft and odorless
  • Bands can maintain high elasticity after years of training and exercise
  • These exercise bands are ideal for pull-up assistance, adding resistances to a press-up, speed training, bench press, squat, shoulder press, etc.
  • 4 different strength levels black: 15-35 lbs, green: 25-65 lbs, blue: 35-85 lbs, red: 50-125 lbs
  • These exercise bands will help you upgrade your fitness training from a newbie to a veteran
  • These fitness bands can be used alone or combined with multiple workout bands to increase the challenge
  • The workout bands target the arms, back, legs, and butt, chest, core, abs, and will help increase the body’s flexibility
  • The resistance bands also show excellent performance in physical therapy, weight loss, injury rehabilitation, and speed training
  • Portable, lightweight meaning you can exercise anywhere
  • Free shipping