Yes4All Kettlebell Grip Review

Original price was: $26.55.Current price is: $24.55.

  • Yes4All Kettlebell Grip converts dumbbells into kettlebells for workout
  • It is suitable for your dumbbell neoprene at home, turning them into kettlebells
  • Specialized weight grips on the market designed for dumbbell neoprene
  • Two holes on the grip support up to two dumbbell neoprene with 1.7”-2” handle diameter at a time
  • The handle is built with a secure lock for your safe experience
  • You can effortlessly prepare the tool in just one second by opening the grip, putting in dumbbell neoprene, locking it up, then starting your session
  • No need to buy a wide range of kettlebells to do workouts anymore. The product allows practicing with kettlebells of different levels by combining up to two neoprene dumbbells to make the weight you desire
  • Travel accessory. Take it with you to anywhere for training
  • This kettle grip for dumbbells neoprene is compact and lightweight, and great for outdoor fitness activities
  • 2-year protection plan
  • Free shipping
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